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Company Profile

Characteristics of the business
- Hansun Engineering, a company specialized in firefighting equipment construction work,
started flame detector manufacturing/sales business first and then, Intech received whole
business related to the flame detector.
- In recognition of product quality, the company is registered and products are traded on
Vaatz, the carry-in materials purchase web site of Hyundai Motors Group.
- Sales to conglomerate companies in increasing by improving the capability of excluding
unwanted alarms and reliability of fire detection.

List of products
- Flame detector integrated with the network (IP) camera (CCTV+UV, CCTV+IR3,
- Ultraviolet rays/Infrared light flame detector (UV/IR)
- Multi-infrared rays flame detector (IR3, IR3_LC)

Certification and type
- - Safety certification of the Korea (explosion-proof, dustproof, waterproof - IR3, UV/IR,
- Type approval by the Korea Fire Industry Technology Institute (IR3 explosion-proof flame
detector, UV/IR explosion-proof flame detector)
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